Sunday, June 24, 2007

Peter, Sarah, Then & Now

Peter is an architect who needed a place to rent between IIT and Ann Arbor. He chose the apartment (that I’m in the midst of readying) next door. Sarah came to meet me and take a walk during garden day in Pullman.

Now Peter came down the week before. We walked and talked for a couple of hours in and about the neighborhood... and about art... and how it is to be in the world. I liked Peter from the start and realized on our walk that he noticed things that mostly go unseen. Later in the week I started to scrape the walls of peeling paint in a room of Peters' new apartment. Muddled indistinguishable layers revealed themselves in a single now. I stopped to look (or maybe it stopped me to be seen).

As Sarah and I walked the neighborhood (pointing and talking) looking at the layers of; time, tatter and tending that make this place so unique - I thought she might see what I saw (uncovered) in the apartment next door. She instantly got it and concurred that what we were looking at was quite undeniable and Peter would see it too.

And he did. And now there is something quite wonderful to see in Peters new Pullman apartment (next door).

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