Sunday, April 22, 2007

Zocalo, Vinyl, 2 hours

Betty kindly asked me to participate in an event where artist made "Zocalo" shopping bags will be auctioned off to benefit the Teatro Vista Theatre Company. I’m not sure she realized that my current art project only allows VINYL siding (manufactured surface) to be applied to existing structure (in this case, betty's request for a thematic art object).

Although more sculptural than functional...

...I’m delighted with the result. A perfect visual metaphor.

I also offered up two hours of ITHINKWECANDOTHAT conceptual art / handy man services to go to the highest bidder (at the very least it will be conversational). I’m looking forward to the event and a little blurring of the distinction between art and life.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pullman (and the apartment next door)

The walls appeared in awful shape in the apartment next door. De-laminating plaster from the 1880's. The current tenant allowed me to be underfoot to patch and paint (the patching taking most of the time). She informed me that after living here for 5+ years she will be moving closer to a new job. I did what I could repairing the old plaster in an occupied apartment and I like the uneven result of not drywall. After her move, I'll finish with a simple ikea kitchen and replacement windows (in the back) ... enticing a new tenant to occupy.

The apartment is on the top floor of a rowhouse in Pullman (a yet to be discovered area on the south side of chicago). I had been staying on the northside for the last few months but have always kept a studio and an apartment here. Now that I'm back full time, I get to do all those small things that I haven't had the time for... searching for suitable hooks to replace the missing ones in the history laden 19th century working man closets...


...tending to the original beman skylights that give skyblue to the shower.


...finally completing the upstairs bath.